Dream Job Recruitment: 

Here at Dream Job Recruitment, we are committed to ensuring that the very best candidates can land their perfect new role (and in a company that truly rewards that talent and value-added contribution). 

Whilst at Dream Job Hub we help all jobseekers and executives with their successful job search application materials, here at Dream Job Recruitment we have a couple of specialisms. 

We are in the business of placing high-end professionals in the realm of Finance and Information Technology (IT)

Benefits for the potential candidate: 

-We select those top-notch executives who stand out in their field—and therefore throw our full weight of time and influence behind you. 

-Constant feedback and communication on improvements that can be made to application materials (e.g. CV/Resume and LinkedIn Profile). 

-Large-scale commitment for outreach to partnered corporations (in order to e-shot your key skills and achievements to them). 

-Bespoke and tailored approach to your job search (including location, specialisms, salary expectations, and target company culture). 

Benefits for the potential hiring company: 

-The chance to tap into our ultra competent (and highly selective) network of experienced and value-adding professionals. 

-Ability to save valuable time and energy in the hiring process—through entrusting the process to us as seasoned recruitment partners. 

-Bespoke and tailored approach to identify the very best possible candidates (in accordance with your exact requirements on skillset and background).

-Able to provide constant feedback to us on candidate selection—in order to make sure we have a firm understanding of hiring company selection needs. 

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