Bespoke Dream Job Support Packages:

Life is too short for untapped potential. You deserve to be in your dream place of employment. 

But, in order to achieve that, it is vital to have all of the most effective job search and application elements in place. That is where our expertise comes in. 

For those looking to invest their future—and achieve the life that they wish for—we offer a number of tailored and bespoke support packages.


-Custom built for your individual job search (in terms of industry and country targeted). 

-Able to meet current job market standards (with the correct structure, format, and contents). 

-Effective and crisp text (in order to outline key skills and tangible achievements). 

-ATS-compliant (in terms of structure and keywords)—in order to pass the most demanding initial applicant screening processes. 

Job Search Guide + Cover Letter Template + Follow-Up Letter Template! 

Investment = £299 (Standard) OR £199 (Student/Graduate) OR £399 (C-Suite or Senior Executive)


-Focused on SEO keyword inclusion + personal branding + crisp and effective copywriting. 

-The correct SEO keywords in order to generate extra search appearances and profile views (from Hiring Managers and Recruiters). 

-Personal Branding in order to stand out from the crowd and build trust and rapport. 

-Crisp and effective copywriting in order to highlight key skills and value-adding potential. 


BONUS ITEMS: LinkedIn Networking Guide + Guide on Securing LinkedIn Endorsements and Recommendations!

Investment = £299 (Standard) OR £199 (Student/Graduate) OR £399 (C-Suite or Senior Executive)


-Correct format and structure for the job market.

-Effective summation of key skills and achievements. 

-Tailored for the industry and role targeted. 

-Able to avoid the common pitfalls seen. 

BONUS ITEMS: Job Search Guide + Cover Letter Template + Follow-Up Letter Template! 

Investment = £75 


Because a job search is a multifaceted process, we understand that you might wish to invest in the full range of support items available from us. 

For that, we like to reward the fact that you are taking ownership over your future development and success. 

Full Dream Job Support Package = Cover Letter + New Optimized CV + LinkedIn Profile Optimization + Full Range of Bonus Items + Couple of LinkedIn Feature Posts. 

Normal Investment = £599 (instead of £673). 

Student/Graduate Investment = £399 (instead of £473).

C-Suite or Senior Executive Investment = £799 (instead of £873). 

For Further Enquiries: [email protected] 

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